• 1. Wilt Chamberlain

    Mr. 100 | Mr. 20,000


    Wilt claimed to have slept with 20,000 different women in his life.


    According to close friends, Wilt loved threesomes. According to legend, he was intimate with 23 different women on one 10-day road trip. Wilt was also a lifelong insomniac, sometimes just not sleeping at all. He probably would take a woman to bed any time he couldn't fall asleep. [Source]

    six of twenty thousand?

    "If Wilt started at the age of 15, from then up to the age of 55 (when the book was published) he would have had 40 years to sleep with 20,000 women, or 500 different women a year--easy math.


    That works out to roughly 1.4 women a day." [Source]


    I choose to believe.